Eucalyptus - Growth Capital

Eucalyptus - Growth Capital is an Israeli growth capital fund, foucsing on investing and helping late stage Israeli companies grow their business, penetrate international markets and achieve successful IPO's as part of their growth

Eucalyptus Growth Capital founded in 2015 by Dadi Perlmutter, Rami Hadar and Eldad Tamir, three of Isreal's hi-tech leaders.Dadi Perlmutter served as an executive vice president and general manager of the Intel Architecture Group (IAG), and Chief Product Officer of Intel Corporation
Rami Hadar is the former CEO of Allot [NASDAQ:ALLT]. During his eight years at Allot, Rami grew the company’s sales to over $100 million, made three acquisitions and led its public offering to NASDAQ
Eldad Tamir is the founder and CEO of the Tamir Fishman Group, which today manages over 16 billion shekels in different asset classes, and is one of Israel’s leading economic public figures. Eldad has over 25 years of experience in investments, investment banking, and venture capital

Investment focus will be on companies with experienced management teams that have developed disruptive technologies and can become world leaders in the new Digital Revolution. An important part of Eucalyptus’ strategy is the assembly of an advisory board with world class industry leaders to help portfolio companies scale and penetrate international markets


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