Mergers and Acquisitions

As an experienced administrator of equity plan and trust services, Tamir Fishman's dedicated M&A team offers a complete and integrated solution.



In most cases this complex transaction requires several services handled by separate vendors or agents:

  • Paying Agent – Handling payment of funds to shareholders and other Agents.
  • Escrow Agent – Holding funds where fulfillment of contractual preconditions is required prior to release of funds.
  • Israeli Tax Remittance Agent – Making sure payments are managed and transacted in accordance with statutory and regulatory tax requirements or specific tax ruling and withholding taxes to the Israeli Tax Authorities.
  • 102 Trust Agent – Handling payments to optionees, holding funds in escrow till the end of the 102 holding period, submitting a new equity plan to the ITA and handling future equity grants of the acquirer.

Tamir Fishman is a trusted, experienced partner that can meet your specific needs. Working as part of your team, and closely with all involved stakeholders from lawyers and accountants to employees, we will ensure that all compliance-based administrative and tax requirements are completed to standard and on time.



With an established and highly successful track record, Tamir Fishman executed many of Israel's high profile M&A transactions, including: