The Tamir Fishman-CIG Venture fund began investments in 2009, as a partnership between Tamir Fishman Inc, MDC Group (www.mdcg.ru), and the Russian Venture Company RVC (www.rusventure.ru). The establishment of the fund is the first of its kind to operate in Russia with joint Israel-Russian management. Tamir Fishman which brings years of experience, expertise and success in hi-tech venture investing joined with local MDC Group to establish a joint venture capital fund under the Russian government tender program managed by the RVC. The Tamir Fishman-CIG fund is approximately $70 million and will invest in areas that we have strong experience and strategic advantages. We look to partner with entrepreneurs and engineers developing new innovative technologies in area of information technology, telecommunication, semiconductors, clean tech, and life sciences (bio-tech).

Focus and Strategy:
The strategy of our fund is to leverage our assets of international venture capital experience, network, and success in Israel with our local Russian presence and partnership with MDC Group. A distinct advantage our fund provides is the ability for international hi-tech ventures between Israel and Russia to be developed and managed by entrepreneurs and engineers existing in both countries. The common time zone, close proximity between Israel-Russia, and the common language of Russian engineers in large sectors of Israeli hi-tech will enable us to successfully execute collaboration in R&D development and international sales. We bring Israel as the largest hi-tech venture capital industry outside the US to Russia, where there are the highest quality and scalable engineering resources.