Provident & Supplementary Training Funds

Tamir Fishman Provident and Supplementary Training is a private entity specializing in the management of Provident Funds, Supplementary Training Funds and Severance Pay Funds.
Tamir Fishman Provident and Supplementary Training Funds services a wide range of clients: private customers; employees enrolled in employee Supplementary Training funds through their company; self-employed individuals; and companies with severance pay funds.
Designed for long and medium-term investments, our provident and education funds can be tailored to our clients’ desired risk level.



The information stated above does not constitute investment advice/marketing, and/or pension advice/marketing and/or a substitute for said advice/marketing, which considers each individual’s particulars and requirements. The above is not to be considered as a commitment by Tamir Fishman  to any specific return on investments.