Portfolio Management

Tamir Fishman excels at managing investments for high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors and corporations. Our professional team works personally with each of it’s clients, developing investment strategies based on individual financial goals and appetite for risk. We pride ourselves on our high levels of integrity, flexibility and responsiveness to client needs.
Comprehensive research serves as the backbone for our investments. It helps insulate our clients from volatile market swings and is essential to achieving long-term investment objectives. Our analysts follow individual companies, industries and macroeconomic indicators.
Our Guiding Principles
  • We look the long-term investment; while taking advantage of mispriced securities
  • Our investments are based on in-depth analysis
  • Balancing asset allocation with integrated embedded risk levels controls
  • Building portfolios tailored to each client’s needs provide them with their return objective in accordance with their risk tolerance
  • We focus our service on ongoing personal, professional and responsible guidance



The information stated above does not constitute investment advice/marketing, and/or pension advice/marketing and/or a substitute for said advice/marketing, which considers each individual’s particulars and requirements. The above is not to be considered as a commitment by Tamir Fishman  to any specific return on investments.