RBC Research Department

Ranked by institutional investors as one of the best in the world, RBC’s research department specializes in macro and micro research in a myriad of sectors, covering over 1400 companies worldwide. Its research team includes hundreds of expert analysts in their respective sectors and geographical regions.
Our clients benefits from these advantages as well as from  other services, including:
  •  A RBC analyst who is available and accessible to our clients. Mr. Daniel Meron, Macro and   Technology Analyst employed by Tamir Fishman in Tel-Aviv
  •  Access to macro and micro studies covering a range of sectors and geographical regions conducted by top analysts around the world
  •  Research and analyst coverage conducted at the client’s request as a investment support tool
  •  Coordination of personal conference calls with top RBC experts at the client’s request
  •  Attendance at RBC professional conferences and events