For Public Companies

Publicly traded companies or companies after an IPO, Merger or Acquisition can benefit from complete outsourcing Management & Trustee Services of Equity Plans that includes:
  •  Database management by a personal client manager who consults and manages all company needs
  •  Management of all Israeli and foreign beneficiaries including Israeli Trustee Services in accordance with Article 102 of the Income Tax Ordinance
  •  Report system for retrieval of all data in a myriad of sectors
  •  Customer Service Department open between 08:30-23:00
  •  Personal Internet Accounts for beneficiaries
  • Employee Training Session (products, tax articles, exercise processes)
  •  Constant updates of industry developments for company management (conferences, professional material, tax arrangements, etc.)
  • IPO / M&A support with seamless transitioning into trading & ongoing services without database editing requirements.
Enjoy the Advantages
  •  Over 15 years experience with Equity Plan Management
  •  SAS70 Level II certified
  •  Global Customer Service for Israeli and foreign clients
  •  Highly Trained Proffesionals - over 40 skilled professionals providing service to ~ 400 requests a day
  •  Exceptionally high satisfaction rate among top Israeli and foreign
  •  State-of-the-art Management Platforms & Systems
  •  One Stop Shop - Broad scope of services under one roof: database setup and management, share offerings and compliance, trustee services, trading room, tax reports