Equity Plan Services

 Tamir Fishman’s Equity Plan Services, tending to over 600 both private and publicly listed companies on all major world stock exchanges, manages over 75,000 beneficiaries worldwide with all types of capital benefits plans: Option Plans (SOP), Share Purchasing Plans (ESPP), Restricted Share Plans (RSA/RSU), Net Exercise Plans and more.
With a selection of scalable comprehensive Equity Plan Outsourcing, Tamir Fishman allows companies to drastically reduce the internal resources required by providing Company representatives with constant updates, online platforms, database management and compliance assurance.ter
One Stop Shop
  •  Management & Integration of process with all parties involved
  •  Customer Service Department and Trading Services during all trading hours
  •  Mutual fund services and handling of M&A transactions, 104H Mutual Fund, deposits, etc.
  •  Executive Services: Third Party Transactions, Bulk Sales, Sales to parties of interest,  support 10B-5 Plans, Form 144, Rule 701, Rule 144, Etc.
  •  Controlled Operation & Procedures – SAS70 Level II standard Certified
One of the most advanced online systems in the industry
  • For Management – Web-based Reports System (e-SOP) for easy access to company data and Excel format reports.
  •  For Beneficiaries – Easy-to-use Online System (web-accounts) enabling status updates & order submission from anywhere at anytime